Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Human Interest Story

Within minutes of stepping off a bus Tuesday morning, a woman dropped a special package at the downtown Denver library -- a baby."We had a little bit of a library miracle here today," said Thomas Scott, manager of security at the library.The woman walked off the Regional Transportation District bus at about 9 a.m. and asked for help, he said. She looked distressed and told a library employee she was not feeling well. It was immediately apparent she was going into labor, Scott saidSecurity guards helped guide her to the side of the main foyer and laid down jackets on the floor for her as first responders were called."We were about half way there and our notes showed the mother's water had broken," said Greg Sheehan, a Denver firefighter."We figured out shortly, we were going to deliver there and then," said Lt. Randall Wells, who was also on the crew from Station 8.Scott said the woman delivered a healthy girl 13 minutes after she walked through the library doors. The mother, whose name has not been released, and newborn were taken to the hospital and are doing well, Scott said.The woman talked to the media Wednesday morning. She and her daughter were given lifetime library cards by the library.Scott and other library employees say they are excited about the library's new card holder. It is the first time a baby has been born at the library.Scott said library personnel are extremely proud of the way employees responded quickly to the emergency and how library patrons gave the woman privacy.The crew from Station 8 said they will not soon forget the baby girl who couldn’t wait to check out the library.Butler said, "She'll have a good story to tell the rest of her life, there's no doubt about that.”

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its a Dogs Life!!!

Hi! My name is Hank. I'm a tall muscular, but not fat, English Pointer. Now I know what your thinking, Hank the Cow dog. My human brother Jason owns every single book of that series. Except one! Oh yes, he doesn't know it, but he is missing one crucial part of that series. Book #3, Its a dogs life! Ill let you in on a little secret of mine. That book, is under all the garbage, bones, hair and bedding fluff that I tore out of my bed, in the one place where I call home, and no human has been, My dog house. So Ive decided to tell my story on how exactly I got that book.

It was a fairly normal day, and Bill, my owner, decided to go quail hunting. He loaded me up, we went through the normal procedures of driving out there, unloading, and my favorite part, letting me sniff the quail, YUM! So I heard those delightful words of "Live bird, live bird, Lookin for live bird" in Bill's laid back kind of redneckish voice. So I was off to the races, looking for those devilish little flying creatures! AND THERE THEY WERE! Boom! I was on point like... well... an English Pointer. Up in the sky they went, BOOM BOOM BOOM! 3 dead right on the spot! I was off to retrive them, and brought them back to Bill. This went on, and I had a bird for every gun shot, well except the on Bill missed, but we don't talk about that often. We loaded back up, and went to the house, where I could smell Betty's (Bill's Wife) sweet aroma of Chicken and Dumplings.

Since I did soooooo good that day, Bill decided to let me go inside for a bit, while they ate dinner, and Jason even slipped me a couple of peices of chicken, mmmm. But, I had business to attend too. Ya see, I had been planning this for quite some time. Jason's girlfriend, Audrey, was eating a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich one day, while looking at Jason's childhood books. Then IT happened... a big glob of grape jelly and peanut butter came from the bottom of the sandwich , and bagloop! right on the book! Oh, its was mean't to be from that point on. On to business! I wondered off into Jason's bedroom, and took a good sniff to see if there was any sneak attacks ready to get me... but none were present. So I leaped up on the bed, and grabbed it, quick as a bunny! Now the hard part, getting it back to base.

I walked into the Living room as casual as could be, except for the yellow book sticking out of my mouth. I observed a pattern in their eating, they all went down at the same time, to grab some of that ever so delicious food. I thought about getting some, but that would give my plan away, but... but... ok... I had to focus!

I saw that the door was unlocked, and I had practiced the opening of the back door with my paws technique many time before. So right as they went down to eat, BAM i made a dart for the door, opened and was in my house in a matter of seconds. I had done it.... and ohhhhh opening and licking and eating and savoring that peanut butter and jelly in those pages, was probably the best moments of my life... BUT DONT TELL ANYONE!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years

For this new years, I went to my good friend Kat's house. We had a good time, we just sat there, hung out, and watched Saving Private Ryan. Alot of people were there, so it made it fun without a bad influence. After that, I had Brad Hightower and Kase Fairchild spend the night at my house... My new years was pretty awsome.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My nearly best memory of Christmas, was when I met my, well, I guess you could say friend, Kat. It all started back in 5th grade, when I moved here. I saw this little phillipino girl, with dorky glasses and a pony tail. I said to myself, "Wow, what a geek." But then came the First Baptist Church Hayride. I went on the trailer, and only one seat was open, and you know which one that was. The one by the little dorky phillipino. So I sat down, introduced myself so it would not be awkward. We then started talking, screaming, and I guess you could say socilizing. I started talking to her, and we became friends.

She then dropped the glasses, grew a couple of inches and became what some people say popular, but we all know she isn't. Our friendship has grown alot, and we have had our fights, shes talked about me, and I've talked about her, but hey, thats how you test a friendship.
I guess this story kinda has a moral. Sure, someone might be geeky at first sight, but once you get to know them, they can turn into a great friend but then again, you might have a situation like mine, where your friend is still a dork and writes mean things about you on their blog.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hink Pinks

1.) A sushi plate
A Fish Dish
2.) A fast elevator (in England)
A Swift Lift
3.) An antelope drink
A Deer Beer
4.) A warm bed
A Hot Cot
5.) A lawful bird
A Legal Eagle
6.) An Orca prison (Google what an Orca is if you don't know)
A Whale Jail
7.) A salamander shoe
A Newt Boot
8.) A sham cobra
A Fake Snake
9.) A depressed boy
A Sad Lad
10.) A large stick
A Big Twig
For the next two, I want you to come up with your own. We will all visit your blog and see if we can figure them out by leaving comments with our guesses! (Hint: Think of two words that rhyme FIRST, and then come up with the alternate seems to be easier that way).

11.) A Punney Nerd

12.) A Fake Cowhide

Friday, November 7, 2008

Free Friday!!!!

Today we can right about anything, so why not right about what is always on my mind. Well, besides girls, Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoors. I grew up around Hunting and everything about it. But I started shooting in competition, about 4 years ago. I'm meaning to brag on myself, but Ive gotten 5th in state, 2nd in state, and this last year, I won state. It was the best feeling I have had in my life, in a while. Now, hunting, I shot a 12 point last year, so I guess it was pretty decent. I camp every other weekend pretty much, but yeah, That's my life, Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoors.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Controversy

The first thing I want to say, is wow, this guy is totally out of his limits. Of course schools can ban Halloween costumes if they want to. It is in their rules, if they make it that way. Also if they allow them, they can set limits to them. It is in no way going against the students rights. Sure, he can say "zieg hile" all he wants to, but in this case, no hitler costume should be in schools.

The case of fairness to the other students, get over it, its one day, where you get to where a mask so your teacher wont see you staring at your 3rd grade crush in the seat next to you, or giving them a dirty look. Its really not a big deal.